Our cruises

Our trips embark from the Old Harbour of Chania, with a variety of choices in our boats, whether sailboats or motor boats. It is the visitor's call to choose between a relaxing sailing trip in the Chania Bay or a longer trip to the mesmerising Balos or Gramvousa.
As for the extreme-sports lovers, weather permitting, they can experience race sailing teaching lessons. Last but not least, we offer the possibility of multi-day trips in the Southern Aegean Sea as well as in South Crete.

Daily sailing trips

We embark from the Old Harbour at 10.00 am and in less than an hour we are in the small beach of Maherida with its crystal clear waters. You can swim and go snorkelling admiring the undersea beauty. This tiny little shore, hidden from the wind and untouched by man, reminds us of the sheer Cretan seashore beauty.

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Often at this time of the day, a northern wind blows our sails and we can now head towards the beautiful island of Thodorou. In two hours, we will have our second stop. While you will be swimming next to the Cretan wild goat (kri-kri) and among other animals that can be seen on the island, the captain will be preparing a light snack that will be savoured with wine under the shade of the boat shade-tent. Our next stop is the small island of Lazaretta. Apart from the beautiful underwater view, it is worth swimming all the way to the small coral sandy beach of the island.
Time flies when in the sea, the time is already 5.00 pm. Our way back home is landmarked by the Egyptian Lighthouse prevailing in the old Harbour. Even the way back offers a unique and picturesque view of the old harbour. Our journey ends with a panoramic observation of the harbour and the venetian buildings bathed in the warmth of the afternoon light.

Daily trips with motor boats

The Old Harbour is our starting point, embarking at 10.00 am and with a speed of 20-25 knots we sail for an hour and a half to the crystal blue waters of Balos. The stunning view of this small bay is truly unique and is considered a jewel of western Crete. In a few minutes we arrive at the Gramvousa island. Whoever decides to walk up the small path leading to the top of the island, he/she will be amazed by the stunning view of the castle and the breathtaking outlook towards the west. The castle was built by the Venetians on the edge of the cliff and was later conquered by the notorious Barba Rossa who turned Gramvousa into a pirate village. The legend says that the treasure of the pirate is still buried somewhere on the island.
Back to our boat, the captain has prepared a light snack with wine, beer or refreshments that will cool you off from all the walking.
Next stop: Thodorou, the island of wild animals. An opportunity to observe the cretan wild goat, a rare and protected specimen of wild goat. Time for some relaxation and swimming before the captain heads to the East. In a few minutes, the Lighthouse of the old Harbour offers unique opportunities for some pictures of the old town from a different angle. The harbour is whispering and welcomes us back to its calm waters. Our beautiful trips finishes at around 5.30 pm with our minds and souls in absolute tranquility.

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Multi-Day trips

For Multi-Day trips whether by sailboats or motorboats, you have to contact us. Among the most popular destinations are the beaches of South Crete as well as, islands of the Southern Aegean Sea such as Kythira, Mylos, Santorini and more beautiful islands. You name it and we will sail you there.