Our Cruises

Our Cruises

Sailing trips in Crete

Starting from the Old Harbour of Chania for daily cruises or from the southern region of Chania for a multi-day sailing trip; your adventure begins. We provide a variety of choices whether you prefer a sailing boat or a motor boat. Travellers have the option of a relaxing sailing cruise around the bay of Chania or a longer sailing trip to the mesmerizing Balos and Gramvousa beaches. For multi-day cruises you can choose to visit the Aegean Islands or the fascinating beaches of South Crete.

Every option is provided upon request. Let us know what would you like to do and we will organize your sailing trip or cruise according your taste and needs.

One Day Sailing Trips
from Chania

At 10:00 AM we set sail from the Old Harbour of Chania. In less than an hour, we arrive at the crystal clear waters of Maherida beach (A). There you can swim to admire the undersea beauty. Maherida with its tiny little shore, hidden from the wind and untouched by man, is a reminder of the sheer Cretan coastline beauty. 

Our sailing cruise continues to the beautiful island of Thodorou (B) where you can swim while sightseeing the endangered species of Kri Kri, the Cretan wild goat. In the meantime, the captain will prepare a light snack savored with wine or beer under the shade of the boat tent. 

Anchor up and we set sail again! Our next destination is the Lazaretta island. There you can again enjoy the beautiful underwater view and we highly recommend swimming all the way to the island’s small sandy beach. 

At 17:00 pm anchors down, back at the Old Harbour where our sailing trip is over.   

If you wish for a shorter trip we can schedule a 2 stops cruise for swimming at the islands of Thodorou and Lazaretta. 

Fruits, soft drinks, and water are all included in every cruise. 

Our trips are usually private. 
You can be just 2 persons or up to 10 maximum.

Would you like a different route or a more private cruise? Please let us know and together we will organize the perfect sailing trip for you.

Sunset Trips
from Chania

Is there anything more romantic than a sunset cruise on the Aegean Sea? We don’t think so! And that’s why we’re excited to offer our special Romantic Sunset Trips.

For this trip, we offer a sailing boat which is ideal for couples or small groups of friends. You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Aegean as the sun sets in the sky. It’s truly a magical experience.

To book your cruise, simply send us a message or an email. We hope you’ll join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Multi-day Sailing Trips
from Chania

Do you dream of sailing for more than a day?

Although we don’t usually offer multi-day trips, we can arrange a tailor-made sailing trip for you, even if you want to stay on board for several days. Just tell us what you want and we will design a personalized itinerary that suits your needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today and let’s plan your sailing adventure!

You can enjoy a 2, 3, or even 7-day cruise along the south coast of Crete or through the Aegean islands.

Contact us and share your vision with us! We will make sure you have a memorable trip!

One Day Motor Boat Trips
from Chania

Embarking at 10:00 am our cruise starts from the Old Harbour of Chania. With a speed of around 20-25 knots, we travel for an hour and a half until we arrive at the famous Balos lagoon. Here we make a stop to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Balos, and go swimming.

After a while, we are on the go to the pirate island of Gramvousa. Here travelers can relax, or go swimming. For those who wish to admire the view, we recommend hiking up to the Venetian fortress which still stands at a height of 137m over the beach. 

In the meantime a light snack with beer, wine, or refreshments will be prepared by the captain to cool you off from the hiking or swimming. 

On our way back to Chania we will make a final stop at the island of Thodorou. 

At 17:30 pm our cruise will be over at the Old Harbour of Chania. 

If you wish to take on a shorter cruise visiting destinations closer to Chania please let us know. We can change our cruise upon request. 

Multi-Day Motor Boat Trips From Chania

While we don’t typically offer multi-day trips, we’re more than happy to customize a trip for you if that’s what you’re looking for. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work with you to make it happen!