Our Yachts

Our Yachts


Sailing trips with Notos

Boat: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40ft.

Passengers: 2-10

Our destinations are beaches and small islands around the Chania bay such as Maherida, Theodorou, Lazaretta, and Menies.

The boat trips usually start at 10:00 am from the Old Harbour. Beaches and isles are so close to Chania, yet, reaching them by boat gives a whole new perspective and uniqueness to them. The weather will always determine the direction we will follow. We return to the old harbor around 17:00 – 17:30.

Alternatively, there is a shorter trip with just two stops for swimming and chilling on board.

During our trip, we make several stops for a swim and light snacks, and of course, bottled wine, beers, or soft drinks are served. Just wear your swimsuit, get that towel and sunscreen and let us enjoy all together a superb day out!

Life jackets are included as well.

αύρα "avra"

Exceptional for romantic cruises!

Boat: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32ft.

Looking for a sleek and stylish sailing boat that’s perfect for smaller groups or romantic getaways? Then our Avra from Jeanneau. At 9.6 meters long, this sophisticated vessel has a wonderfully generous volume that makes cruising a breeze. 

We recommend this amazing boat for smaller groups of people or couples that want a unique romantic experience during the dramatic sunset!


One day sailing with Feretti

Ferretti is a 50 ft and double-engine (435hp each) boat, with a 20+m/ per hour cruise speed.

It has 3 double cabins and is available for one day and multi day cruises always with our experienced captain. Our departure point is the old harbor of Chania or south of Chania region.

Travelling to Balos the Old Harbour is our starting point, we embark at 10.00 am and with a speed of 20-25 knots we travel for an hour and a half to the crystal blue waters of the marvelous lagoon.

Here we make a stop for swimming and then straight to the island of Gramvousa.

Here you can relax in crystal blue waters and those who want to admire the view can hike the path up to the castle, while the captain is preparing a light snack with wine, beer or refreshments that will cool you off from all the walking.
On the way to Chania we make one more stop at Thodorou island and we arrive to the old harbour around 17:30.
For this kind of trip we can also offer you shorter cruises to closer destinations, upon request.

Speed boat Lambro

Half or whole day trip with Lambro

For those who travel in smaller group (up to 5 or 6 people) and are looking for a speed boat there is an alternative and low-priced way to enjoy sea and action.

Our boat Lambro is 9 meters long, it has a small cabin with a bed and a toilet and, the travel speed is 25 miles per hour, so it is fast and safe.

With this boat you can visit Balos Lagoon and swim in its turquoise waters of and enjoy wild beauty of Gramvousa island.

Or head to the the calm coves and caves of Rodopou Peninsula with ancient Diktynna (Menies beach).

You can choose between a half and a whole day trip.

Water, soft drinks, beers, fruit and a small snack are included in the price, all you need to bring is your swimming suite, towel, sun cream and adventure mood!